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My story of my company

Probably the question I am asked the most by people around the world is "Why is your company called Viklari Consulting?"

It is a simple answer.

It is the name of a restaurant in Cyprus, meaning "the last castle" which is perched on a hilltop, near a beach where turtles hatch each year. The tables are stone and you sit under a canopy of gorgous grapes.  The food is exquisite, but incredibly simple. Charcoal roasted chicken or pork, salad, cyprus potato fries and that's it. No menu, no pricelist, no choices (except your meat) and yet, incredible, busy, charming, gorgeous, fulfilling and uplifting.

People talk a lot about "placemaking" - this is the best example I know. I love the simplicity, the lack of systems and the natural purity of the concept.

It is easy to love Viklari......

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Why Viklari?: About Me
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